eQualSuite: the first Greek GRC software


eQualSuite is the first Greek consulting paired GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) software, adapted to the needs of the average Greek company and combines the 26 years of experience of a leading consulting firm with the most advanced technologies.

Save management time, improve communication between your departments and gain credibility for your business with eQualSuite.

You can automate any of your Governance, Risk and Compliance functions by selecting from a complete suite the functionalities you seek for:

  • Central monitoring of all compliance requirements, regulatory or not, of an organization.
  • Automation of a number of corporate processes required in regulatory compliance systems.
  • Risk assessment and management in multiple areas of interest, based on customizable methodologies, in compliance with international standards and best practices.
  • Automation and simplification of the internal control process throughout its life cycle, while ensuring consistency and reliability of results.
  • Effective management of business continuity and automation of the required stages and communications from the needs analysis of each department to the preparation of a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan.

eQualSuite incorporates the vast know-how of PRIORITY and the most recognized international methodologies.

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