Certification of proper operation during the phasing out of measures

While we all know what we need to do to keep our business, our staff, our customers and our partners safe from the pandemic, businesses often find it difficult to implement measures. In essence, the Management is called upon to persuade, not always successfully, all employees to comply with the protection measures set by the Government, infectious disease specialists and Hellenic National Public Health Organization. On the other hand, we are all skeptical about whether a company we deal with actually implements the necessary measures.

PRIORITY meets this need of companies, evaluating the already implemented measures and the way of their implementation, educating their employees in the most appropriate digital way, and intelligently and effectively controlling the implementation. In addition, with only the necessary changes in the ISO systems that a company already applies, PRIORITY ensures to lead it immediately and economically to certification with any standard and certification body it wishes.

PRIORITY’s proposition
PRIORITY responds to the market need to protect customers, employees and business associates operating in public gathering places and implementing activities based on hospitality, socializing and entertainment, in the critical period when they reopen and return to normality, set up a Regulatory Risk-based Management System (RRMS-COVID 19) to implement measures to reduce the spread of the virus. The management system is structured in such a way as to meet the requirements of the certification protocols and to support companies in dealing with the coronavirus threat, reducing the possibility of the virus spreading within the company’s premises. The system is addressed to the above companies as well as to any company that cooperates with them and must protect its employees and customers. The system adapts to the standard (Covid Shield, BW certification, etc.) that the company will choose for its certification.
Development of a system to manage the reduction of coronavirus spread
PRIORITY designed and completed the service considering:
• Legislative requirements to reduce the spread of coronavirus.
• the international bibliography for taking measures
• the private certification standards developed by international certification bodies
• the adaptation of the measures to the needs of each company
The service consists of 2 parts:
1. The development of the management system to reduce the risk of dispersal through:
a. analysis of the operating requirements of the company and the requirements of its customers
b. analysis of existing measures and the identification of appropriate new measures related to the operation of the business, and will further reduce the risk of dispersal
c. development of procedures and instructions, based on risk analysis, for the operation of the company that will include, at a minimum:
• the obligations of employees
• rules for the management of customers, suppliers, and external partners
• the rules for the staff of the departments that come in contact with the customers / suppliers / external partners
• the management of the company’s support procedures (cleaning / disinfection / control of sanitary conditions / maintenance and operation of ventilation and air conditioning equipment)
d. staff training in new practices (using e-learning, available and for mobile phone)
e. development of an emergency action plan
f. development of a mechanism for continuous monitoring of compliance
g. implementation of internal audits to verify compliance with measures to reduce the risk of virus spread and implementation of management system requirements
h. certification of the company according to the private standards developed by the international certification bodies
2. The constant information of the companies:
Due to the new data emerging daily from global pandemic surveys, the management system needs to be kept up to date. In the context of business support, PRIORITY undertakes:
• monitoring legislation to update the system
• monitoring of new data
• the integration of the new measures in the operation of the company, after the consent of the management of the company
• informing staff about changes
• the help desk function to provide instructions / directions to the company staff
The implementation of the above management system to reduce the spread of coronavirus is inextricably linked to the Corporate Social Responsibility of an Organization, as it highlights its responsible attitude, social empathy and business ethics, both to its employees and to customers and partners and society at large.