Corporate Governance: The Clock is Ticking!


A very substantial Webinar organized by ACEO in collaboration with PRIORITY, entitled “Corporate Governance: The Clock is Ticking!” takes place on Tuesday 23 March 2021 at 17.00, addressed to CEOs and senior business executives – members of ACEO.

The aim is to adequately develop all the critical changes brought about by the new legal framework for corporate governance of listed companies, through the provisions of the new law 4706/2020, which substantially affect the operation of listed companies, but also those controlled by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission.

The initial speaker of the Webinar will be Ms. Anastasia Stamou, Vice President of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, while from PRIORITY will speak Lefteris Anastasakis, Vice President and Panagiotis Anastasakis, CEO, giving the practical dimension of the actions that companies must follow to fully comply with the requirements of the Law, until July 16, 2021, deadline for its implementation.

This workshop is the continuation of the first relevant webinar conducted with great success by PRIORITY on March 5, 2021, entitled: (Law 4706/2020) New law on corporate governance – the challenges for listed companies, the conclusions of which were extremely interesting for the audience that watched it.

ACEO members interested in the Webinar “Corporate Governance: The Clock is Ticking!”, can register here: