The specialized quality standards for Health – The step beyond

Healthcare Units, that want to proceed to the next step in quality management systems beyond the certification with ISO 9001, can apply more specialized standards:
Joint Commission International (JCI): Special certified quality standard for Healthcare Units. It is considered to be the strictest and most difficult standard to apply as it essentially includes requirements that are met by US Healthcare Units. The standard includes requirements in many areas such as:
• Access to care and continuity of services,
• Anesthesiologic and surgical care,
• Medication management,
• Patient/ family education,
• Quality improvement and patient safety,
• Prevention and control of infections,
• Governance and leadership,
• Facility Management and safety,
• Staff qualifications and education,
• Management of information.

CHKS: A set of specific quality standards for Healthcare Units that applies primarily to UK Healthcare Units. The standards cover areas such as:
• Leadership and Management
• Risk management and safety
• Patient care
• Facility and equipment management
• Management of services provided
• Specialized Clinical Services
• Patient support and rehabilitation

ACHS: Specific Quality Standard for Healthcare Units applicable primarily to Australian Health Units. The services provided should meet requirements related to:
1. Empowerment: Human rights.
2. Access and commitment: the right of people to access transparent, fair and integrated services.
3. Prosperity: The right of people to prosperity and security.
4. Participation: The right of people to choose, make decisions and actively participate in healthcare provision.
At the same time, they should cover criteria and requirements related to administrative and management issues such as:
• governance
• leadership and administration
• financial management
• human resources
• continuous quality improvements and feedback processes
• information management
• health and safety at work
• management of partners / suppliers
PRIORITY, having extensive experience in the development of management systems in Healthcare Units, is able to identify critical points for improvement and suggest good practices that can be applied in your Company.

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