SA 8000 – The standard of Corporate Responsibility

SA 8000 is the most recognizable international standard for the development of a corporate responsibility management system. It requires good practices and procedures related to health and safety, child labor, forced labor, freedom to participate in collective bodies and collective bargaining, working hours, basic pay, discrimination, control of suppliers and subcontractors. The implementation of the above requirements requires the commitment of the Leadership as it can influence company’s culture.
The advantages of SA 8000 adoption and certification are as follows:
• Demonstrates in practice that the company respects human rights, ensures optimal working conditions and fights discrimination
• Confirms the application of an internationally recognized standard for corporate responsibility
• Develops gradually a culture of transparency in the company
• Strengthens the prestige of the Organization, as proof that the protection and promotion of human rights is not by chance, but as a result of systematic and documented procedures.
PRIORITY can assist in the development of the SA 8000 management system as:
• Assesses the current situation in relation to the requirements of the standard.
• Organizes and updates existing procedures so that the company operates in accordance with the requirements of the standard.
• Trains company executives and staff to be informed of changes in company procedures and culture.
• Carries out internal audits to confirm proper implementation of the procedures.

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