Organising and delivering IT Services according to ITIL best practices.

Business operations and services are increasingly depended on Information Technology (IT) in order to be more efficient or/ and innovative. Hence, every organisation has to invest in both technical and human resources for the support, delivery and overall management of IT services in order to effectively support business goals. To this end, many IT and Business Managers face many challenges, such as:
• Integrating and aligning IT and business goals
• Measuring IT organization effectiveness and efficiency
• Optimizing costs and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
• Outsourcing and insourcing balance
• Managing constant business and IT change
• Using IT to gain competitive advantage
ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is a public framework that includes best practices for managing and supporting IT services effectively, aiming at supporting the business in achieving success, suffer less disruption and loss of productive hours, reduce costs and drive business innovation. It helps organisation to govern IT efficiently throughout the entire service lifecycle, focusing on continual measurement and improvement of the quality of IT service delivered, from both a business and a customer perspective. It consists of the following five core publications, each of them containing guidelines for:
• achieving a deep understanding of customer needs, current and potential, in order to decide what services are needed to satisfy these needs (Service Strategy)
• designing appropriate and innovative IT services, including their architectures, processes, policies and documentation, to meet current and future business requirements (Service Design)
• deliver the designed services required by the business into operational use (Service Transition)
• managing the operation of IT services (e.g. incident handling, managing requests from customers, access management) within the agreed levels (Service Support)
• maintaining value for customers through the continual evaluation and improvement of the quality of services (Continual Service Improvement).
PRIORITY’s team includes experienced and certified consultants in ITIL with broad experience in IT Service Management, able to support any organisation to:
• assess current maturity of your organisation against the ITIL best practices, proposing specific, reasonable and affordable actions to address the gaps identified
• re-organise and optimise policies and procedures according to ITIL, being simple and tailored to your specific requirements
• train your employees in ITIL common language and practices
• select and set in place an appropriate software solution for supporting the new operating model.

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