ISO 37001 – Anti-Bribery Management System

ISO 37001 standard concerns the development of Anti-bribery management. It was issued in October 2016 and identifies measures and safeguards for organizations to prevent, detect and deal with bribery in a timely manner.
The most important requirements of ISO 37001 include:
• Develop an anti-bribery policy
• Carrying out risk assessment in business processes and critical associates
• Staff training and awareness
• Defining financial and non-financial controls on critical activities
• Defining KPIs and an appropriate reporting system to senior and top management
• Creating a whistleblowing line on bribery issues
• Defining specific responsibilities for staff and executives
• Carrying out due diligence on critical partners, suppliers and employees
• Develop Policies for gifts, hospitality expenses, donations
• Commitment of management to implement the requirements of the standard

The benefits of applying ISO 37001 are the following:
• offers an integrated approach to managing active and passive bribery
• Promotes a culture of integrity, transparency and compliance
• Proves that organization operates according to international standards for the anti-bribery issues
• Reduces bribery risks as well as their cost in money and reputation
• Controls the supply chain efficiently in matters of bribery

PRIORITY has developed Anti-bribery management systems for large companies in various economic sectors,. The experience and knowledge PRIORITY has developed in the field, enables it to offer smart and functional solutions to its customers, tailored made to their needs and particularities.

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