ISO 22316 – The standard for organizational resilience

Organizational resilience is the ability of an organization to react and adapt to changes in its operating environment, while continuing to deliver its objectives. For many, this is limited to having business continuity plans in case of disaster. However, organizational resilience extends beyond dealing with violent and sudden changes and aims at the continued prosperity of the organization even in seemingly normal conditions.
Being resilient means that an organization is able to anticipate new threats in a timely manner but also to take advantage of new opportunities. Resilience stems from increased cross-sectoral collaboration, the emergence and dissemination of latent knowledge and clear strategic goal prioritization. For all the above, the international standard ISO 22316: 2017 offers guidance.

The ISO 22316 Organizational Resilience – Principles and attributes standard, provides guidelines for the systematic capture and enhancement of organizational resilience with the ultimate goal of strengthening the ability of an organization to adapt to the conditions of an ever-changing environment.
According to the logic of the ISO 22316 standard, the development of resilience in an organization is based on three main axes:
– understanding key principles for improving resilience
– development of organizational characteristics that implement the basic principles
– introduction of activities for the utilization, evaluation and improvement of the desired characteristics
The main benefits of pursuing increased resilience through the application of the standard include:
– improved ability to predict and deal with risks and vulnerabilities
– better coordination between critical management functions for better coherence and increased efficiency
– better understanding of the interactions that support the achievement of strategic goals

PRIORITY is able to offer integrated approaches by providing individualized resilience level assessments, analysis of attributes that favor its development and guidance for further development and continuous improvement.

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