ISO 14001

The standard of environmental management

ISO 14001 is the international standard of environmental management, which requires the evaluation and improvement of the environmental measures taken by a company, the organization of its relevant processes, the awareness of its staff and compliance with environmental legislation.

PRIORITY has implemented the first ISO 14001 certifications in Greece, has completed more than 100 projects in all sectors from heavy industry to service delivery and from the largest multinational and Greek companies, to very small companies under 5 people. The key to our success is that by drawing experiences from the plethora of our projects we have specialized knowledge in each industry. Our consultants easily and directly achieve the compliance of each company with the environmental legislation and the international standards and fully support it in the creation of an environmental profile.

The leading international companies started to apply the environmental management standards ISO 14001 and to be certified with them since 1996, while the first relevant certifications in Greece were made in 2000 by PRIORITY. Today it is estimated that about 500 Greek companies are certified according to ISO 14001, while several more are being prepared by all sectors, as ISO 14001 certification is now required by many customers, through public tenders and is considered self-evident for international collaborations. The environmental image of the company is playing an increasingly important role in marketing.

The consulting team of PRIORITY has led more than 100 companies in our country to certification according to ISO 14001, as it guarantees:

  • efficiency: we meet the environmental obligations of the company in the most economical way thanks to our vast experience
  • reliability: our success rate is 100%, collaborating with the most recognized Certification Bodies
  • simplicity: the procedures we propose are simple, realistic and suitable for the business sector
  • speed: we complete our projects in half the time in relation to the competition, thanks to our know-how
  • economy: we make sure our services add value and are positioned competitively in relation to market averages.

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BSc in Computer Science, University of Crete, and MSc in International Marketing, University of London. She is experienced in auditing Management Systems and has been working for more than a decade in international group of companies, specializing in the sector of Sales, Marketing and Corporate Communication.
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