Energy Control of Facilities

PRIORITY is the leading consulting company in Greece in Energy Management and has the most specialized group of consultants, which has successfully completed dozens of Energy Audit projects in accordance with Law 4342/2015 and the European standard EN 16247, in all sectors of economic activity. (industry, hotels, hospitals, service companies, entertainment companies, etc.).

With Law 4342/2015 (Government Gazette 143A / 9-11-2015), Directive 2012/27 / EU was incorporated into Greek legislation, which obliges large companies of all sectors of activity (industry, handicrafts, trade, services, etc.) in the implementation of energy audits, in order to control the energy consumption of companies and to reduce the waste of resources.
With the ΥΑ 175275/2018, the professional qualifications of the energy auditors, the keeping of the register of energy auditors and energy audits and the content of the result reports are determined.

PRIORITY’s specialized team of energy auditors is able to understand the needs of each company and undertake the implementation of the following:
• data collection (plans, E / M equipment, HEDNO data, data from BMS, building characteristics, etc.)
• Analysis of building infrastructure and equipment data
• Recognition of significant energy uses and consumption
• Definition of Baseline for the comparison of energy consumption of previous years
• Analysis of energy consumption data
• Development of Energy Balance
• Calculation of greenhouse gas emissions
• Development of a consumption forecasting mechanism
• Proposed EXE & RES Action Plans, with Life Cycle Cost Analysis
• Awareness of market choices for high performance products and services
• Awareness and training of staff to reduce energy costs
• Development of mechanisms to confirm the improvement of energy performance
• Compilation of a report on the results of the Energy Audit and completion and posting of the Energy Audit Archive.

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