EN 15224 – The application of ISO 9001 in the health sector

The standard EN 15224 is the specialized quality standard for the health sector as it is the adaptation of ISO 9001 taking into account the specific requirements of the sector. Basic requirements of the standard are:
• Systematic risk analysis and taking appropriate measures in all phases of health service provision: includes the written, based on recognized methodology identification, assessment and categorization of potential risks that may arise during the provision of the service, their rational management and reassessment periodically.
• Clinical Governance: in combination with the previous requirement, includes the selection and implementation of medical and nursing protocols, which ensure the quality of services provided and patient safety.
• Determine KPIs, setting goals and monitoring performance in 11 areas such as evidence-based treatment, availability, continuity of care, effectiveness, efficiency, etc.
• Systematic recording, treatment and evaluation of events that directly affect the patient: incidents, adverse events, near-events.
• Evaluation of staff and confirmation of their competence
• Ongoing staff training
• Clinical staff examination
• Traceability of actions, materials, persons.
PRIORITY has extensive experience in the development of quality management systems in the field of health, implementing projects in the private and public sector from small primary health care units to Healthcare Groups and large hospital units. PRIORITY has developed one of the first management systems according to EN 15224 since 2012 which the certified version of the standard was issued.

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