ELOT 1429 – Management adequacy

The ELOT 1429 standard was issued in 2008 in order to help companies to participate in European projects of the period 2007-2013. By applying the standard, the company is considered to be administratively competent to management a project as it develops procedures such as:
• Project maturation
• Implementation of studies and licensing
• Preparation of announcements, tender documents
• Budgeting
• Beneficiary Selection Procedures
• Conducting tenders, awarding contracts, selection of beneficiaries
• Preparation and conduct of a tender
• Carrying out administrative acts of the tender without deviations
• Drafting a declaration and setting up committees
• Evaluation of offers
• Handling of objections
• Signing a contract – completion of a tender
• Monitoring & project management
• Development of Project Management Plan
• Monitoring compliance with the Project Management Plan
• Communication
• Change management
• Control and approval of deliverables
• Quality control of deliverables
• Approval of deliverables
• Financial project management
• Budget monitoring
• Payment control
In the next Partnership Agreement (2014-2020) based on the Guide of the Ministry of Development and Investments, the standard can be replaced by a management system according to ISO 9001 with scope of design and management of co-financed projects.

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