EFQM – The standard for the company to reach excellence

The Model was developed by the non-profit organization European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) and is the most widely used Management tool. It can be applied to any organization regardless of size and activity in order to continuously improve its operation. It consists of 9 basic criteria as shown in the figure below:

Through the development and implementation of the EFQM Model, the company achieves the following:
• will identify strengths and points for improvement through the use of a reliable tool with international recognition.
• will plan and implement improvement plans that will significantly improve its operation and efficiency.
• will be able to compare its operating results with other similar companies that already apply the Model.
• will enhance the quality culture through staff involvement in self-assessment teams.
PRIORITY is able to guide the company in the implementation of the EFQM criteria and to help its implementation with actions such as:
• Conducting workshops to inform the staff
• Implementation of the action plan
• Defining monitoring indicators
• Support when implementing corrective actions

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