Development of energy management system according to the ISO 50001: 2018 standard

PRIORITY is the leading consulting company in Greece in Energy Management and has the most specialized group of consultants, which has successfully completed dozens of projects for the Development of Energy Management Systems according to the ISO 50001:2018 standard, in all sectors of economic activity (industry, hotels, hospitals, service companies, entertainment companies, etc.).

The international standard ISO 50001: 2018 is a set of requirements and good practices and aims to help organizations follow a systematic approach to achieve continuous improvement of their energy performance. At the same time, the greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced, the corporate image of the organizations will be improved and the operating costs will be reduced.
The ISO 50001:2018 standard:
• can be applied to any organization regardless of its type, size, complexity, geographical location, organizational culture or the products and services it provides
• requires a demonstration of continuous improvement in energy performance, but does not specify improvement levels
• can be used independently, or integrated and implemented in conjunction with other management systems.

The ISO 50001:2018 standard includes:
• energy review and identification of energy-intensive processes
• monitoring, collection and evaluation of energy data in order to improve energy performance, through a specific action plan
• implementation of energy saving actions
• analysis of the business context and the needs and expectations / requirements of stakeholders, with the aim of analyzing risks (identification of threats and opportunities for improvement), which are related to the energy uses of the organization and compliance obligations
• Awareness raising of staff for the implementation of good energy practices
• integration of energy vision in corporate processes (eg building renovations, material purchases, supplier evaluation)
• the concept of normalization for energy efficiency indicators and energy base lines, with the aim of easier comparison of the energy performance of the organization from year to year

The specialized team of PRIORITY is able to understand the needs of each organization and help it improve its energy performance, developing in collaboration with the organization an appropriate action plan, focusing on no cost / low cost actions.

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