Development of an IT services management system based on the ISO 20000 standard

ISO 20000 sets the specifications to be met by the IT service management system. It is addressed to companies of any size that manage their own information systems or through suppliers or provide technological information services to customers.
The purpose of the standard is to ensure that companies have the IT Service Management processes aligned with best practices and with their real needs. The continuous objective of the standard is for the companies to improve through measurable indicators (KPIs), both the quality of the services provided and the degree of customer satisfaction.

The benefits of ISO 20000 are great and are indicative :

– Systematic monitoring of the quality level of services and its measurement through specific KPI’s
– Ensures timely and effective handling to incidents, problems and change requests for the services
– Address effectively the security risks of information
– The relationship with suppliers is significantly improved
– The satisfaction of users of the services is constantly improved and evaluated

PRIORITY is the consulting firm that has successfully completed the most important IT service management projects in Greece based on ISO 20001 and offers the below services in the field of IT Service Management according to the standard ISO 20000:
– Evaluation of IT services, procedures and identification of discrepancies based on the standard
– Presentation of the required customization actions
– Support in the selection and configuration of technological tools (i.e. ITSM tools) and infrastructure and consulting in the implementation of new measures
– Implementation of written policies and procedures based on the standard, with a view to establishing an IT Service Management System
– Training personnel in new policies and procedures and awareness about incident management, problem management and change management
– Conducting internal audits and measuring the improvement of the service level
– Support for the System certification process according to ISO 20000 standard
– Support for the system official audits
impact across the whole organization.

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