Corporate Responsibility Report according to GRI and AA1000

The responsibility of companies to society, the environment and future generations is increasingly proving to be a prerequisite for long-term profitability.
Responsible companies adopt good practices in product liability, human rights, environmental protection, business ethics and local community development, while respecting and taking into account the needs of all stakeholders. All the above must be proved in an objective and inviolable way.
International standards GRI – G4 and AA1000 provide guidelines for the preparation of comprehensive corporate responsibility reports on environmental, social and economic performance, social equality and human rights.
The advantages of their application in the preparation of corporate responsibility reports are the following:
• an integrated approach to sustainability issues is provided, giving stakeholders a comprehensive knowledge of business practices
• consistency and continuity in the data presented is ensured, making it easy to compare previous years
• the data collection process is systematized
• a culture of sustainability in employees and management is gradually developed which is a prerequisite for survival for every business
• proves to stakeholders that the company’s procedures for sustainability are based on international guidelines and good practices
PRIORITY, in addition to compiling corporate responsibility reports, helps to develop a mechanism for monitoring and improving performance in corporate social responsibility so that the company monitors its performance quickliy and improves it gradually.

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