Common Assessment Framework – The standard of excellence for the public sector

The Common Assessment Framework is a simple and effective tool for the implementation of the principles of Total Quality Management in public organizations. Each public body implements a self-evaluation on the basis of a structured questionnaire which results in an action plan for its continuous improvement. The self-assessment criteria are divided into 9 categories:
• Leadership
• Strategy and planning
• Human resources
• Collaborations and resources
• Procedures
• Citizen / customer oriented results
• Results for human resources
• Results on society
• Main results
The implementation of the standard is divided into 4 phases:
1. Scope – Group formation
2. Division of tasks – determination of internal team operation
3. Collection-processing of the identified documentation data, preparation of an evaluation report and grading
4. Preparation of a report of improvement measures
Therefore, the Common Assessment Framework is a study of the structure and operation of the Organization based on real data which has been collected by the its staff. The standard is implemented continuously as it results in an improvement plan with defined implementation dates. The implementation of the action plan is monitored through a re-evaluation based on the above criteria.
PRIORITY having experience in the development of total quality systems, can help the organization to implement all the foreseen phases of the standard and to contribute to the implementation of the corrective actions.

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