BS 11200 – The standard for crisis management

The capability to manage crises is a characteristic of a resilient organization. It is the capability to anticipate, prioritize and prepare for possible crises as well as to respond effectively when they occur, in order to ensure the objectives, viability and reputation of the organization.
Unique and often unpredictable events create crises conditions where preparation is of the outmost importance for their immediate and effectiveσ management. Preparedness requires a systematic and forward-looking approach that offers guidance, includes role assignments and trains key personnel. Afterwards, it should be evaluated and further developed in a continuous, purposeful and methodic way to remain effective.
Developing the crisis management capability should be an activity proportionate to the size and operational context of an organization. To achieve this, PRIORITY can help you develop an appropriate crisis management plan and provide you with guidance and best practices to establish, operate, maintain and improve your organization’s crisis management capability based on BS 11200: 2014 standard.

PRIORITY taking into account the standard develops a Framework of Crisis Management policies and procedures, so that:

-to develop the crisis management capacity of each organization
-to set up appropriate organizational structures for crisis management (Crisis Management Team, Emergency Communications Team, etc.)
-develop appropriate support mechanisms to:
a. the systematic identification of possible crisis scenarios in short-term and long-term horizons
b. prioritizing crisis scenarios according to their potential impact on reputation, sustainability and the organization’s objectives
c. preparing appropriate response arrangements
d. early warning for selected crisis scenarios
e. the effective information of the Management in emergency situations

-to prepare a Crisis Management Plan for the most critical Criteria scenarios
-to establish appropriate administrative procedures to ensure the systematic implementation and practice of the Crisis Management Framework
-to inspect the level of implementation of the Framework at regular intervals, with the aim of continuous improvement

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