BS 10500 – Anti-Corruption Management System

The British Standard BS 10500 is essentially the forerunner of the ISO 37001 Antibribery Management System standard from which it has now been replaced. It includes the basic requirements that an anti-bribery management system should have such as:
• Develop an anti-corruption policy
• Staff training and awareness
• Defining responsibilities of staff and executives
• Carrying out Risk assessment
• Due diligence actions
• Gift policies, hosting costs, sponsorships and donations
• Financial controls

The implementation of the standard ensures:
• Early detection of bribery issues and immediate action
• Limiting the effects due to proper antibribery management
• The continuous improvement of the company’s controls in matters of bribery
• The control of the supply chain in matters of bribery

PRIORITY, which has experience in the development of anti-bribery management systems, is able to take into account and embed the requirements of the BS 10500 standard if the customer wishes so.

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