Protection of Health Information according to ISO 27799 best practices.

Health information processed by healthcare organisations and professionals are critical both for the organisations and professionals, and the patients that trust them with their data. Lack of appropriate controls for protecting the security of health information could result in incidents such as personal data breaches, data loss, exposure of data to untrusted third parties, destruction of data etc. with high impact for every stakeholder, especially nowadays where electronic exchange of personal health information is continually increasing.
ISO 27799 is an International Standard that includes specialized practices and guidance for ensuring the security of health information, considering the appropriate application of security controls in the healthcare environment. ISO 27799 works as a companion document to ISO 27002 providing details on how to apply its security control objectives to protect health information, regardless of its type (hard copy, electronic) and storage or transfer medium. ISO 27799 and ISO 27002 provide necessary guidance in applying ISO 27001 to healthcare organisations.
PRIORITY is experienced in utilising ISO 27799 to:
• assess current security controls of your organisation set to protect health information
• evaluate security risks and specify or/ and implement appropriate technical and organisational security controls to enhance the level of security
• support you in getting certified against the standard.
Besides ISO 27799, PRIORITY consultants have a unique extensive experience in implementing Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) to various Greek organisations, based on ISO 27001 & ISO 27002, thus guaranteeing:
• effectiveness: we fulfil your needs using the best solutions available and consequently increase your security level
• simplicity: the proposed practices and procedures are simple and tailored to your specific requirements
• certainty: our success rate is 100% having completed the most complex and demanding projects in Greek market
• reasonable prices: although our services are unique, we take care in setting their cost at the average market price
• speed: we complete our projects in half the time required by our competitors, due to our extensive knowledge.

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