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The Approved Economic Operator (AEO) certification is addressed to any economic operator established in the customs territory of the European Union who is part of the international supply chain and is involved in customs-related operations. It demonstrates the operator’s credibility against customs authorities in Europe and third countries, thus significantly facilitating and simplifying import and export procedures.
This certification is provided by government authorities to companies or organizations that voluntarily meet certain criteria for financial solvency, compliance with customs and tax legislation, security in logistics, information security and business continuity. Compliance with AEO requirements is documented through self-assessment questionnaires, policies, procedures and other documents, and is additionally verified via on-site inspections by the General Secretariat of Information Systems (G.S.I.S.) of the Ministry of Digital Governance and the competent Customs Authority. Specifically, AEO documentation includes:
• Code of Ethics & Acceptable Use Policy
• Information Systems Security Policy
• Business Impact Analysis & Business Continuity Plan
• Information Systems Security Implementation Plan
• Information Systems Documentation
• Self-assessment questionnaires addressed to the G.S.I.S. and the Customs Authority.
Why choose AEO certification?
If import and export processes are important to your business, then you have the opportunity to greatly simplify them, saving time and money. At the same time, AEO certification will increase your credibility against foreign customers and suppliers, as it has European (and soon international) validity and verifies your financial solvency and operations security.
Why choose PRIORITY?
PRIORITY, drawing experience from the plethora of logistics and security projects it has implemented with 100% success, knows well the requirements of government authorities, the supply chain and information security risks and the appropriate treatment actions, based on internationally recognized standards (ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 28000, ISO 39001). Our specialized consultants practically and rapidly achieve to improve your processes, upgrade your operations security and guarantee your certification.

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