has been present in the most extroverted sector of the Greek economy for the last two and a half decades. The most important hotels of the largest multinational chains have been cooperating with our company for many years.

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Food Fraud
Do we really know what we eat? Safety is a prerequisite for the circulation of food in the market. The development of methodologies for this endeavor (HACCP, HARPC), have significantly...
While we all know what we need to do to keep our business, our staff, our customers and our partners safe from the pandemic, businesses often find it difficult to...
Vendor and Supply Chain Resilience
Even companies with a high level of integration often depend on a network of thousands of suppliers and sub-suppliers. The range of transactions and interactions makes it difficult to monitor...

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Our specialized Consultants for Tourism

MSc in Agricultural Zootechnology – AUA, MSc in Quality Management University of Paisley, UK. He is an expert Food Safety consultant, having successfully implemented many relevant projects. He is an EFET approved trainer.
Giorgos Goulas
Business Consulting, Senior Manager
BSc in Food Science & Technology – AUA, MSc in Food Quality Management, Wageningen University and Research Center, Holland. He is experienced in Food Quality and Safety Management Systems.
Giorgos Papadopoulos
Administrative Director
Dental surgeon – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He is an active member of the Attika Dental Society. He is trained in matters of Quality and Management of Healthcare Units and he has undertaken major Quality Management projects in healthcare unit.
Trifon Strousopoulos
Business Consulting, Manager