ΙSO 14001, EMAS, ISO 14O64

We can make you compliant with the environmental legislation and the relevant certifications easily and fast based on our experience since 2000, in dozens of companies from the heavy industries to the service sector. We can certify your employees with IRCA seminars and automate your procedures with our specialized software. As a certified organization ourselves, we know that promoting an environmental profile and sustainable development can bring profits in the long term.

ISO 14001

It is the classic environmental management system, on which we have extensive experience. Our environmental experts, specializing in most of the market’s sectors, evaluate and improve your environmental controls, organize your procedures, raise the awareness of your staff and guide you through the environmental legislation compliance and the ISO 14001 certification simply and fast.


It is an European environmental management standard with additional requirements compared to the ISO 14001. Having completed the first EMAS in Greece from the year 2000, we have the expertise to help you have an attractive environmental review that will be approved by both Greek and European authorities, be published in the EU and for which you will be proud of.

ISO 14064

It is the only internationally approved methodology on quantifying the greenhouse gas emissions. Our environmental experts have unique experience on this specialized certification and can undertake the development of an integrated and effective carbon footprint quantification system, in order to obtain a solid and internationally approved greenhouse gas emissions report.


The International Sustainability & Carbon Certification, along with the equivalent REDcert and 2BSvs demonstrate the reliability, transparency and sustainability of each company involved in bio-biofuel logistics. PRIORITY’s environmental experts, experienced in ISCC, fully support you in order to obtain international certifications in accordance to Directive 2009/28/ΕC.

Environmental Impact Assessment

A study carried out before starting or altering the business activities in order to obtain an Approval Decision of Environmental Terms. PRIORITY’s experts identify and evaluate the environmental impact of your activities, specify the required environmental measures according to the applicable legislation and international best practices and make sure that the study’s approval is obtained on time.

Waste Management Plans

According to the environmental legislation, the producers of wastes are required to compile Waste Management Plans and a Waste Producer Annual Report with data regarding the previous year. PRIORITY’s environmental experts can undertake the collection and processing of the waste management data, perform their optimization, compile the required documentation and submit it to the appropriate authority.

Hazardous Wastes

According to the environmental legislation, all companies dealing with the collection and transportation of hazardous wastes are required to hold a relevant collection and transportation permit. PRIORITY’s environmental experts can undertake the development and submission of a Network Implementation Study to the appropriate agency of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, ensure for its timely approval and the issue of the required permit.

Hotel Ecolabel

The EU Ecolabel System has introduced specific requirements for hotels and tourist lodgings, such as reduced water and power consumption, reduced waste production, etc. We can undertake the implementation and the submission of the required files and documentation, all the way to the Ecolabel award, which, in effect, is the environmental recognition of your hotel by the EU.

Green Key

Τhe "Green Key" is an ecological label intended for tourist facilities that was introduced by the Foundation for Environmental Education and certifies the ecological awareness of the tourist facility and the compliance to certain basic environmental requirements. PRIORITY’s consulting engineers can undertake the compilation and support of the application file required for the award of the "Green Key" ecological label.


Special certified standard for the implementation of Forest Management System (Chain of Custody), regarding packaging materials. PRIORITY supports you to become certified according to FSC, even in combination with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, ensuring that your products come from well managed forests, providing this way environmental, social and economic benefits.

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