PRIORITY has designed several e-learning training programs, which can be customized on the basis of each enterprise's cognitive object and installed on cloud or on premises according to your needs. The e-learning programs designed by PRIORITY are the ideal method of distance learning carried with the use of modern technologies. Training programs of this type are cost effective as they offer flexibility in terms of time. At the same time, each participant, on his own, spends the time it takes to fully understand the concepts, making the program fully effective.

Cybersecurity e-learning

This webinar addresses to all computer users and educates them so as to be able to easily identify potential risks of information security and personal data breaches. It presents in a simple, comprehensible and interactive way the necessary information security knowledge and the best practices that a corporate user can use to protect and address potential threats or information security incidents.

Seminar goal: Be aware of the security threats that can take place in a corporate environment.

Duration: 1,5 hours

Who should attend: Addressing to all employees of a company, regardless of background.

GDPR Awareness e-learning

The e-learning seminar analyzes the requirements of the General Regulation and provides practical solutions, advice and answers on its implementation and alignment of the processing of personal data. It presents all aspects of the new legal framework (operational, legal, technological, process, information security) in a simple and understandable way, focusing on the most critical points.

Seminar goal: Understanding the new requirements regarding the processing of personal data.

Duration: 2 hours

Who should attend: Addressing to executives of any background, who will be required to implement the changes derived by the GDPR Regulation in practice.

DPO Masterclass e-learning

The DPO Masterclass analyzes in depth the Regulation, approaching all the perspectives and all the critical issues of GDPR. This elearnning program provides a certificate of successful tracking and can lead to certification by an internationally recognized organization.

Seminar goal: Training, specialization, acquisition of required knowledge and certification of executives who will assume the role of DPO in accordance with National and European legislation.

Duration: 8 hours

Who should attend: this elearning program is designed for DPOs and executives, regardless of their background, who will take the lead in their business (or their clients) so as to be complaint according to the privacy regulatory framework. 

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