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Pioneer companies from various sectors, distinguished for their excellent quality, trust PRIORITY for their certification, compliance, process simplification and continuous improvement. Amongst 1500 companies we present the following:

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“The long-term cooperation with PRIORITY has repeatedly confirmed the professionalism of its executives and the ability to understand the needs of Alpha Supporting Services. In addition, PRIORITY being aware of market trends, very often proposes feasible, economical and profitable actions to maximize the added value of Alpha Supporting Services”.

Christos Siokas, General Manager, Alpha Supporting Services

“PRIORITY was instrumental in guiding the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank, a multilateral development bank with headquarters in Thessaloniki, Greece, through the development of its Personal Data Protection rules and practices. PRIORITY proved to be a reliable and flexible partner staffed with knowledgeable and committed professionals, who collaborated effectively with our Bank’s staff and helped the Bank navigate through the complexities of personal data protection requirements, according to best international standards”.

Zinon Chatziantonoglou, Head, Compliance and Operational Risk Management Office, Black Sea Trade & Development Bank

“The ability of PRIORITY executives to fully understand the client’s business, the particularities of the industry, in order to propose innovative and workable solutions is remarkable. I would recommend PRIORITY as a consultant in the whole range of its services“.

Giannis Mavromichalis, COO Care Direct

“In a business it is very important and crucial that the external consultant understands its specificities and how it operates. The PRIORITY team, with its experience and knowhow, has successfully adapted our company to the new regulatory requirements within the set timeframe. Due to our excellent cooperation we have recommended PRIORITY to other cooperating companies as well”.

Evi Michou, Managing Director, DAMMA HOLDINGS

“We have a harmonious cooperation with PRIORITY in matters of EZA adaptation to national and European regulations. The market experience of PRIORITY executives is a guarantee for the perfect implementation of the projects”.

Angelos Karakyriakos, CFO, Hellenic Brewery of Atalanti S.A.

“From our partnership with PRIORITY, we have found out that it has trained executives, who have the ability to understand the peculiarities of the client and its partners. In addition, they propose targeted and workable solutions. The quality of their deliverables is excellent”.

Vassilis Panagiotidis, Director, Hellenic Bank Association

“Characteristic of PRIORITY executives is the in-depth understanding of the structure, operation and needs of our company. In addition, they inform us about market trends in digital transformation, regulatory compliance and information security, before these trends are adopted by the market. We consider PRIORITY not just a consultant, but a partner in our effort for faster and better services to our insured clients”.

Maria Sotirhou, Information Security Manager, European Reliance

“PRIORITY executives fully understood the needs of the media industry and proposed feasible solutions. The quality of their deliverables was excellent, as was our entire cooperation”.

Rania Klissiouni, IT Manager, Kathimerini Newspaper

“Ogilvy maintains a long-term cooperation with PRIORITY in matters of regulatory compliance and certifications. We trust its executives and we greatly appreciate their ability and professionalism, as from the beginning of our cooperation they realized the scope and complexity of our organization's activities and offer us the best solutions that adapt to our needs, as they are formed each time”.

Teti Tsekoura, Group Chief Legal Counsel, Ogilvy

“PRIORITY has successfully responded to a difficult and complicated project of regulatory adaptation of PAPASTARATOS CMC S.A., a company owned by Philip Morris International, within very tight deadlines. Its excellent performance and excellent cooperation in Greece has also prompted an expansion of cooperation with Philip Morris Bulgaria in Bulgaria. One of the characteristic advantages of our partnership with PRIORITY is that it understands the customer’s specificities and timetables and combines them with legal requirements, meeting the customer’s needs in a way that does not disturb their business”.

Leonidas Tolis, Senior Counsel Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus & Malta at Papastratos CMC S.A.

“Our long-term successful cooperation with PRIORITY is based on the common values and practices that govern the two organizations, in terms of customer-centric approach, innovation, teamwork, expertise and initiative, with the aim of continuously improving business performance in a highly changing / competitive environment. With the valuable help of the consultants of PRIORITY, we manage to open new horizons for the future by ensuring the present”.

Thanasis Stergiou, Quality Assurance Manager, Piraeus Direct Solutions

“Our cooperation with PRIORITY has proved that it is possible to combine high quality deliverables within a very tight timeframe. We worked together with PRIORITY executives, managing to adapt SKAI’s operations to a demanding regulatory framework. I would recommend PRIORITY to any company, especially if its operation is complex and subject to complex regulations”.

Alexandros Tsernotas, IT Manager, SKAI

“PRIORITY team, considering the special regulatory framework governing the operation of the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund, has adapted the prerequisite data of the GDPR regulation according to the needs of the individual stakeholders. It is very important that PRIORITY cooperated harmoniously and effectively with the executives of the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund, achieving a constructive and sound operational relationship”.

Sofia Papastrati, Lawyer, Hellenic Financial Stability Fund