Workshop – The day after tomorrow on 10/6 for the Cypriot market


The COVID-19 pandemic, which is evolving around the world, has significantly affected the operations of most businesses. Reopening businesses and returning to normality requires changes in their way of working to protect their customers, partners and employees.

PRIORITY, being always in the core of developments, organizes on June 10, 2020 the Workshop “The day after tomorrow” for the business audience of the Cypriot market.

The Workshop will describe the basic requirements of the legislation and national protocols issued in various business sectors. In addition, new standards have recently been introduced to systematize the procedures and policies that a company will follow to limit the spread of the virus and the exposure of its customers.

Hours: 14:00 – 17:00

Speakers: Alexandros Tiganitas – Antonis Hatzipanteli

Cost: 30 euros plus VAT

Note: participation for PRIORITY customers is free (maximum number of participants 3 per company).

Method: remotely

To register for the Workshop and receive information on how to attend it, send an email to [email protected]