How do we prove to our customers our commitment to taking action against Covid-19?


While we all know what we need to do to keep our business, our staff, our customers, and our partners safe from the pandemic, businesses often find it difficult to implement measures. In essence, the Management is called upon to persuade, not always successfully, all employees to comply with the protection measures set by the Government, infectious disease specialists and EODY. On the other hand, we are all skeptical about whether a company we deal with actually implements the necessary measures.

PRIORITY meets this need of companies, evaluating the already implemented measures and the way of their implementation, educating your employees in the most appropriate digital way and intelligently and effectively controlling the implementation. In addition, with only the necessary changes in the ISO systems that you already apply, we lead your business directly and economically to certification with any standard and certification body you wish, e.g. Covid-Shield.

Prove to your customers and employees your commitment to taking action against Covid-19. For more information, contact the Senior Sales Manager of PRIORITY, Mrs. Lili Mylona, ​​[email protected], T. 210 2509900.